Team SMG's new look for 2022 and beyond

Team SMG's new look for 2022 and beyond

2 years ago, Team SMG entered the Southeast Asian esports scene with their Mobile Legends team. Today, Team SMG has 5 teams in total, with 4 in Southeast Asia: MLBB, DOTA2, and PUBG in Malaysia, VALORANT in Singapore, and our Peacekeeper Elite team in China.

The Team SMG Core Heart falls perfectly into place with our philosophy as an esports organization and what we set out to do in the community. Retaining our signature orange which represents friendship and happiness, the letters “S”, “M”, and “G” are enclosed in a heart to symbolize the heart of a champion. Our champions - players, talent, and our fans, are here to work together to build a wholistic and inclusive community where talent can be nurtured without bias or discrimination.

We hope that you will continue supporting us as we go on our new path in 2022, breaking boundaries, overcoming adversities and bringing glory.

The time has come. Believe in the unseen, anything is possible.

Always Still Moving Under Gunfire!

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