Team SMG expands to South East Asia with Mobile Legends

Team SMG expands to South East Asia with Mobile Legends

SINGAPORE – Team SMG (Still Moving Under Gunfire) announced today their new strategic foray into the Southeast Asian esports scene with the acquisition of their new MLBB (Mobile Legends: Bang Bang) team under the Team SMG brand.

Team SMG was founded in 2017 where they found instant success winning the 2017 Arena of Valor World Championship with their Taiwan-based team. In 2018, they made an aggressive move into PUBG (Player Unknown Battlegrounds) with a strategic partnership with a Shanghai-based team. Now the team brings its pedigree to Southeast Asia, acquiring the Malaysian MLBB team “Makan Cendol” whose roster played in previous iterations of MPL.

MLBB is a 5v5 multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) played on the mobile phone. Each team’s goal is the same - to destroy the opposing team’s base first. Its esports scene has evolved since its inception, with various tournaments across Southeast Asia.

From 29th February 2020, Team SMG will be competing against the very best teams in Malaysia and Singapore in a 6-week round robin regular season for the 5th season of Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Professional League (MPL) with a total prize pool of RM410,000 (US$100,000).

Singaporean singer JJ Lin is indisputably one of Mandopop’s top acts today. His impressive live performances and countless chart-topping hits have made him a highly sought after singer, songwriter and producer in Asia. Many might know that JJ Lin is an avid DOTA gamer, but few are aware that he has taken his passion for gaming to a professional level. Besides lending support to official Dota 2 events like the Shanghai Major and DAC Major as guest performer, JJ is also heavily involved in the development of his esports team. With his influence in pop culture, JJ aspires to propel esports to a new level.

“I‘ve grown to love the MOBA genre ever since DOTA was first released on the Warcraft 3 custom game platform. It has since fueled my passion for esports. By teaming up with Kenchi Yap in establishing TEAM SMG Southeast Asia, we are another step closer to our global vision for esports.”

Kenchi Yap, Chief Executive Officer of Team SMG, a former professional Dota 2 player before moving on to coach Fnatic, leading them to 4th place in The International 2016 and previous owner of Mineski Dota 2, with two-time back to back 9th place finishes at The International 2018 and 2019.

“I am extremely excited to work with JJ on Team SMG,” said Kenchi Yap, CEO of Team SMG. “Southeast Asia is one of the fastest growing markets for mobile esports and with Team SMG, we are confident in building a place where we can cultivate and grow local talent in the region, starting with MLBB, and expanding to other games in the near future.”

Team SMG Mobile Legends: Bang Bang

  1. Mohammad “Ax” Aiqal Bin Amran
  2. Mohammad “Artha” Al Hatta
  3. Mohammad “Raisyaa” Zaim Bin Amir Izat
  4. Aeliff “Smooth” Adam
  5. Muhammad “Tacuz” Fairuz Bin Mohamad
  6. Muhammad “Kuku” Siddiq Fadhil Bin Mohd Noor (Sub)
  7. Ahmad “Bonezzyy” Syazwan Bin Anuar (Coach)
  8. Muhamd “Padel” Fadil Bin Hishamuddin (Manager)
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