We're Undefeated!

We're Undefeated!

Five Weeks of Winning Streak at MPL MY S11, and Team SMG MLBB is still not done! (yet)

We are now moving into the Final Week of the MPL MY S11 League, where our boys at Team SMG MLBB is currently sitting undefeated at 8-0, while only dropping a single game against Todak. What a journey (☉_☉) (☉_☉) (☉_☉)

It’s not an easy feat for sure, but our boys made it through and are now waiting for this Saturday for their game against Team Lunatix. It’s also your chance to cheer for the boys live at Stadium Juara, Bukit Kiara! 

Oh, there will be Team SMG merchandise sales as well, so don’t miss out on our swags available at MPL MY S11. See you there and let’s secure the slot for MSC 2023 together!

 Still Moving Under Gunfire,

Team SMG.

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